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Cranberry Bog :: Recent Projects
I visited a natural cranberry bog in a remote part of northeastern Vermont, known as the Northeast Kingdom, to shoot photographs to accompany a story in Vermont Life Magazine, appearing in the Autumn 2001 issue. I walked in and around and through (and flew over) the bog, a true "quaking" bog, with some degree of trepidation, often getting my feet quite wet and feeling the spongy mass under my feet giving way as I hunted for images. I was struck by how much life there is there, and how varied and cyclical it is: plants and animals living out their lives in just a few seasons, then to reproduce and die, with future generations carrying on the next year. All this just as it has always been here, with little or no obvious meddling on the part of people. It was a joy to spend time there amongst the flora and fauna, with little to distract me. These are just a few of the images that I shot for that story.

Cranberry Bog Aerial, Brunswick, Vermont
Cranberries in Hands, Brunswick, Vermont
Girls Picking Cranberries, Brunswick, Vermont
American Bittern in Cranberry Bog, Brunswick, Vermont
Spider Web in Cranberry Bog, Brunswick, Vermont
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