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Circus Smirkus :: Recent Projects
Founded in 1987 by former clown Rob Mermin, Circus Smirkus is what many circus professionals call the best youth circus in the world. The base of operations is set in rural north central Vermont, in Greensboro, attracting kids and instructors of high-caliber from the U.S. and abroad to the circus summer camp, touring show and school residency programs. Kids attend camp and audition for the summer tour, visiting towns all around New England. The shows they put on are the result of many, many hours of training and practice, and are infectious when put on before an audience that is usually made up mostly of other kids who are watching and dreaming of running away with the circus.

Circus Smirkus :: The International Touring Youth Circus

Trapeze Practice, Greensboro, Vermont
Clowns with Stars, Stowe, Vermont
Pirate Fiddler, Stowe, Vermont
Circus Tent in the Mountains, Greensboro, Vermont
Circus Smirkus Founder Rob Mermin, Greensboro, Vermont
Juggling Practice, Greensboro, Vermont
Jugglers in Performance, Stowe, Vermont
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